Black Friday is CANCELED

I saw that commercial for the Scotch gift wrap cutter thingamajig and I WANT IT.

Then it occurred to me that it’s probably not going to be very useful if I don’t have any presents to wrap up. You know what is suckier than suck? To be so poor you can’t buy friends and family acceptable Christmas presents. I mean, I will try. But I wish I could get them THINGS THAT REQUIRE WRAPPING.

My first “real” job was holiday gift wrapper at Zany Brainy. I loved that job. There is something so satisfying about getting the ends and corner to fold just right around a box. Zen.

So, my dear friends and family, I will be thinking of some fun homemade presents to distribute this year. Like, A POEM! or a COUPON book for FREE HUGS! Note: I cannot write poems.

You’re getting homemade bread.

What do I want? That Scotch Tape wrapper cutter.



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