Oh yeah, a blog.

So, you know what I’m not good at?

Remembering to turn on the dishwasher?

Ice skating? Fiscal responsibility?

Oh, blogging.

I seem to have a problem with starting things and not finishing them.

I have a whole headful (a big head, mind you) of ideas and opinions and stories that I would love to write down. That people TELL me to write down. So why can’t I just stop and collect my thoughts?

 Does anyone else ever think they might have a small, child-sized case of ADD? Because sometimes I think I do.

Or, I am just really lazy.

I have never been a planner/organizer. When writing college essays I grabbed all my notes, sat at the computer and typed up the whole shabang in one sitting. And got A’s. I would have to turn in first drafts that were FAKE because I never did first drafts!

So, I don’t know who is reading this mess but please bear with me. I will have an award winning blog one day, but maybe not this week.  Any ideas for discussion?

Until then, I am really busy sitting on the couch, watching Mystery Diagnosis and playing Mafia Wars. WHY?

Here’s a clip of one of my most favorite shows, Little Britain, to keep you entertained in the meanwhile.

“To your left..Spain..”


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