Le Crockashit


Why are Le Creuset dutch ovens (hehe) $229.00?

No, really. what is the reason? The iron is from France so I should be impressed?

And why do I want one so bad?

I guess they do last forever because my mom still has an orange one from 1987. And I distinctly remember Queen Latifah had a whole Le Creuset collection on MTV’s Cribs. And we all know the Queen dictates what is necessary for proper, civilized cuisine.

So now I must have one.  To make my fancy, bourgeoisie, french macaroni and cheese. Or hot dog and bean casserole.

Edit: My mother has informed me that her precious pot is from 1983. She says she bought it at an outlet store right off 95, on a whim, while driving home from Florida. But I didn’t get my $40 Cozy Coupe?  A-ha. It all falls into place.


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