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Yes, I have been a horrible, neglectful blogger.

And I don’t have a good excuse. More tomorrow. I hope.

And why aren’t my pictures loading? Sheesh.


Did Someone Say Titmouse?

Did I ever mention that I love birds?

My mom sent me some pics from Virginia.

Behold, the elusive tufted titmouse!

And this cute little wren:

Still waiting for the chickadee.

Sleepless, long nights

Watch this after a couple beers and your faith in humanity will be restored. Yes, I know the song is like two years old. Just watch it.

Old McCloud Had a Farm

I play Farmville.

There, I said it.

Not only do I play it, but I LIKE it. I will open it up and check on my crops. I get excited about leveling up and having something new to plant.

I know.  *hangs head low*

I’m one of “those” people.

I have my limits, though. I will NOT pay actual human money to buy Farmville cash.

But dammit, when I see someone’s Facebook update that they have a mystery egg and would I like to hatch it?

YES. YES. I must have that chicken! Please! Share with me your eggs!

And there is something so satisfying about harvesting those crops when they are ripe and ready. And those perfect little squares of land arranged in a symmetrical, organized fashion?

And I was wondering if I should move to the farm in Virginia. Ha. I’m a natural. Right?

Shameful secrets.

I have to go. My cows need milkin,’  and my pigs need “trufflin.”