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Blogging: I Haven’t Been

Once I am settled in Virginia I will blog like once a day. TWICE a day!

Maybe not. For now I am packing (ugggh) and labeling (oooghhh), waiting for the May move date. So much to do.

 I hate  moving. I would rather give birth than move. Well, maybe not because I’ve never given birth but at least at the end you have a cute, little baby.

I will have 37,000 boxes to fold and recycle and miles of masking tape, stuck to everything. And probably some broken picture frames because I am an irresponsible packer.

Until my new life adventure begins, here is a brand new armpit vagina.

(Movie preview man voice) “Coming soon:  The Armpit Vagina 2: Lost in New York.  May 2010.”

They are everywhere. I don’t think I can ever go sleeveless again.